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250 Yonge Street, Suite 1800, Toronto, Ontario  M5B 2L7 CA
Tel: 1 800 599 7938  Contact: https://www.webperspectives.ca/eng/contact
Operated by: Research Now Canada

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Web Perspectives General Information

Web Perspectives

Web Perspectives
Web Perspectives is a Canadian focused survey panel which is operated by ResearchNow. The panel is very popular and has a member base of over 250,000. The Web Perspectives website has recently updated their look and feel with fresh colours and graphics. If you are already a member, no need to worry, as your account information has stayed the same through this rebrand.

Participate in Exciting Research!
As a member of Web Perspectives, you may be invited to any of the following research opportunities which include: online surveys, focus groups, diary studies, reviewing advertising campaigns and even testing new products.

Point System
Each time you complete an online survey you are rewarded with 100 – 500 points. Surveys vary in length and complexity, but usually take 15 – 20 minutes to complete. Points are deposited automatically into your account once you complete the survey. If you have participated in a dairy study or focus groups, points may take up to 6 weeks to be credited.

Redeem Towards Gift Vouchers
Once you collect 1,000 points (valued at $10) you may redeem towards your choice of gift voucher to a variety of top retailers. These retailers include: Amazon.ca, Indigo, Air Miles, The Source and Cineplex. There is also the option to donate your points toward the Canadian Cancer Society and even receive a tax receipt for your contribution!

“Like” Valued Opinion of Facebook
Join over 100,000 other survey panelists on the Valued Opinion Facebook page. This is an umbrella page for a variety of Research Now panel groups. Stay up to date on new studies and important information within the panel community!

Member Badges
Web Perspectives offers a unique program which involves its more active members collecting “badges” for their level of participation! There are 5 levels that can be achieved with mini tasks that must be completed. The five levels are listed from lowest to highest.

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

Eligibility: Residents of Canada only, 14+.

"Fast Accumulation"
May 17, 2017 by John from Canada

Keep with them. Once you go up in status they send you a lot of surveys and these usually pay $1.00 or more apiece. One trick: on completing a survey you sometimes get a message that there aren't any more. Keep the dashboard open as often the other surveys shown are still active. Also, sometimes refreshing the dashboard yields new surveys.

"Pretty good, but some annoying issues"
April 25, 2017 by Jean from Canada

I've only been doing this for a short period of time, but so far the rewards have been very good. My biggest complaint is several times I have almost completed a survey, only to have it thank me and stop. I'm talking well after going through the questions to see if you meet the criteria. They need to stop these companies from doing this. They're getting their surveys done without having to compensate this way. I have wasted way too much time on surveys such as these.

"Daily redemption rate restricted!"
April 24, 2017 by Telly from Canada

I'm a regular Web Perspectives panelist (3 years) and consider it one of the better survey sites. Use it to collect Amazon.ca gift certificates that come in handy at Christmas and and for other necessary items, some of which I can get cheaper on Amazon than in retail stores. Very useful. I figure about $300 - 400 per year, without obsessing. Get fewer surveys than I did at first. What I discovered today when making a redemption was that they have now limited the number of redemptions to 2 per day. So even though I have enough reward points for $100 in gift cards for amazon.ca, I could not redeem the full amount today, as planned. Instead I will have to stage the redemptions over the next four days. Fortunately, I was just "banking" my Amazon.ca gift cards for future use, but if I had needed to use $100 worth today for a special item I would have been out of luck and very upset that I received Zero notification of the change from Web Perspectives. Also had to provide my phone number and have WP call or message me to confirm my order. They called immediately and provided a 6 digit code three times via a machine voice. I had to enter the code on my computer screen to confirm. All this for $20 worth of amazon.ca gift card credit. Anyway, forewarned is forearmed. Don't stock up on Web Perspectives reward points and expect to spend them all in one place suddenly.

April 08, 2017 by cheryl from Canada

it could be a better site.i tried to redeem my points but because i do not have a cell phone or a landline,apparently i am unable to.my email is not enough:(

April 08, 2017 by Mathew from Canada

I find it interesting that since looking at this site, I have found reviews that mirror my experience.

I had been using Web Perspectives for a while. I went on vacation in the US, and, as is my habit, I checked my e-mail for any surveys to do at night when it was quiet. I belong to many sites, so I like to keep on top of invites.
I tried to do one on Web Perspectives and found myself permanently deleted on my return. Now, I understand that a site does not want non-Canadians doing surveys. I have run into this with a few other sites, but when I have contacted other sites, they always re-activated my account, no problem. With Web Perspectives, they just said that they had "identified several discrepancies in your account details and/or survey activity that are in breach of our terms and conditions." The only thing that I could think of that I might have done is tried to do a survey while in the US. I contacted them to find out what it was, and they would not even elaborate what they claim that I did.

The highly suspicious thing was that I had accumulated a lot of points that I have now lost.

And the points they offered were not that great. Not as bad as some sites, but not great.

IF you want a recommendation, I would propose Survey Lion or Pinecone. Both offer good rewards.




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