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900 W Shore Rd, Port Washington, New York  11050 United States
Tel: 1.866.444.1411  Contact: http://www.vipvoice.com/Toluna.MR.TrafficUI/MSCUI/Page.aspx?pgtid=13
Operated by: NPD Group

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Redeem points by participating in sweepstakes or Bidland. No minimum account balance required.

VIP Voice General Information

NPD Online Research has re-branded itself as VIP Voice

VIP Voice

Exclusive discounts and special offers
US residents will have access to exclusive discounts and special offers from a variety of different businesses. These exclusive member discounts do not require any points to use.

Special opportunities and contests
On occasion, VIP Voice offers special contests and sweepstakes opportunities to their members. One such opportunity is Pigskin Pick-em where you can win cash prizes every week during the football season.

The more you participate, the more points you get
VIP Voice offers a tiered rewards program that spans 5 different levels. The more surveys you complete, the higher you move up in levels, and the more points you will earn. In addition, your reward level determines the prizes you are able to access and bid on through SweepLand and BidLand.

For each survey you complete, you will earn points. The number of points you receive will depend on your current reward level as well as whether or not you qualify to complete a survey.

VIP Participation Points
If you attempt to complete a survey but do not qualify, you will earn VIP Participation Points. Level 1 members will earn 50 points for being disqualified, while level 5 members earn 550!

VIP Qualification Points
If you successfully complete a survey, you will earn VIP Qualifications Points. Level 1 members will earn 25 points for completing a survey while level 5 members earn 200 points.

Point values
Each VIP Voice point is worth one sweepstakes entry or one auction bid. You can use as many or as little points as you'd like to enter the SweepLand sweepstakes. For BidLand auctions, you must enter a bid greater than the "Current High Bid".

Try your luck in SweepLand
SweepLand is a sweepstakes program where your points can be entered into sweepstakes for a variety of different prizes. Winners are chosen at random. Each point you use in the sweepstakes is considered an entry, so the more points you put into the draw, the better your chances of winning a prize. Prizes have high values and are for things like HDTV's, $5000 cash, trips to tropical destinations, etc.

Bid on prizes in BidLand
BidLand is an auction-style program where you can use your points to bid on various items. The highest bidder at the end of the auction will win the prize and will have their points deducted from their account. If you do not win the prize, your points will be returned to your account.

Eligibility: USA and Canada residents, age 13+. Bidland and SweepLand are eligible to US resident 13+ and Canadian residents 18+.

March 22, 2017 by Stanley from United States

Points only for merchandise! It takes a long time to accumulate points. And worthwhile gifts are A LOT of points. Frequency of surveys sent : low

"Fun for What It Is"
February 04, 2017 by Stacey from United States

VIP Voice is different than most survey sites because it has a lot of different options for payout, most of which don't involve a good payout at all. My first choice in surveys for PayPal cash are OneOpinion and Opinion Outpost, because they pay fairly well and I haven't had many problems cashing out with them quickly.

I do VIP Voice to burn time if I am bored or watching tv. I like that they have fun quizzes, and while I haven't won a ton of anything in their auctions, I think they can be fun if you have time to spare and like bidding in their auctions. I don't save up my points as others do (I generally spend them in auctions or in sweepstakes), but if you saved points over many years you might have a chance to win a vacation.

So far I've had several well-paying surveys ($50 gift certificates) through VIP Voice, so even if you don't win the auctions/sweepstakes, the surveys themselves might pay off. Right now I am doing another food diary study, and that will pay $25 in cash. Since November, I've won a $25 gift certificate from a survey and a $5 gift certificate through bidding. Not great, but it's a fun website if you have some time to spare.

"Bid on prizes"
January 04, 2017 by Doug from United States

Cannot cash out, you have to bid on prizes, gift cards, and stuff. Surveys were easy and good points but I don't want to bid on prizes.

"Waste of time"
December 08, 2016 by Lou from United States

If you like filling out a survey and spending a lot of time on it, only to be told that "you don't qualify" and get the minimum reward, then sign up. I have complained multiple times to them,and they only say "you must qualify"......sure, after completing a survey they tell you that.......

"OK - if you like sweeps with little chance of winning"
December 06, 2016 by Jeff from United States

This site has been just OK for as long as I have been using it (12+ years). They give you surveys to do several times a week for which you earn points. The points are for you to enter into either their sweepstakes or to bid with in their auctions. There are a couple of problems with the site. First , they only seem to have a handful of surveys that they have users do , which can get a bit boring. One oddity with the surveys is the points awarded. For example , for one on what you spent and where in the past 7 days , I have received 200 points when I spent very little or when I have spent plenty. likewise , for the same survey , I have gotten 550 points for those same 2 scenarios. Odd!

Second , the chances of winning anything in the sweeps is astronomical given the number of participants. Lately though , in the past 2 years , earning points has gotten better and as long as you enter the sweeps as often as possible , you can win. In the past 1.5 years or so , I have won 3 magazine subs and a $75 waffle iron.

For several months now they have been asking the same question at least once per session ("Have you bought Dockers in the past 7 days?") , which gets boring and is a bit ridiculous. How often does one buy pants and a specific brand to boot?!

Overall , the site is OK , just don't go there with winning expectations.




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