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Survey Sites With Low Minimum Payouts

Payout minimums
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If you’re a member of multiple survey sites, you already know that every survey panel sets their own redemption minimums their members must meet in order to cash out their rewards. You also know that these minimums can be quick and easy to meet, while other may take months, or in some cases, even years to attain!

Why ‘cashout’ minimums vary

Every online survey panel operates a little bit differently: some offer their members many surveys all the time, while other offer fewer opportunities, but with more generous rewards.

Sites who have plenty of surveys to take at any given time have often partnered with other survey providers in order to present as many survey opportunities as possible to their members. Sites like these tend to offer lower payout minimums, but the compensation offered per survey may also be lower.

Other survey panels may have very high payout minimums (we’ve seen ones as high as $50), but the surveys they offer to their members are often of higher quality (meaning that the surveys are better thought out and your input may feel more valued), and can pay better overall when broken down hourly.

A couple examples of such websites are SpringBoard America and Maru Voice Canada.

The quickest way to earn

If you want to earn a reward from a survey site as quickly as possible, here’s what to do:

1Sign up with a site that has a low (<$10) minimum payout level (see below).

2If the survey site has an app available, download it so you can receive immediate notifications on your phone when new surveys pop up.

3Regularly log in to the survey site to check for new surveys and fill out your profile if there’s a place to do so.

4Once you’ve earned enough to ‘cash out’, choose PayPal or an e-gift certificate option; avoid requesting a physical gift card, a check, or a bank transfer, as these options have longer processing times.

Survey sites with payout minimums $5 and under

Survey Panel Name$5 PayPal$5 Amazon$5 Other Gift CardsSignup
EPoll SurveysYesYesYesjoin
Opinion OutpostYes
($10 min)
Mindfield OnlineYesYesYesjoin
SurveySavvy(Check payments)NoNojoin


Survey sites with payout minimums $10 and under

Survey Panel Name$10 PayPal$10 Amazon$10 Other Gift CardsSignup
Branded SurveysYesYesYesjoin
Harris Poll OnlineNoYesYesjoin


Other sites

MySoapBox – A $25 payment minimum is required the first time you request your rewards, but this is reduced to just $5 in earnings after that. Their extensive gift card catalogue contains dozens of options, including Amazon, Tango, and many others. join

SavvyConnect – Install the app on your phone and/or desktop, and receive an auto payment after the first month of installation. Earn up to $60 (depending on the number of devices you install the app on) during the first month of installation. Payments are issued via check. join

Survey sites with no minimums

Pinecone Research – Earn a standard $3 per survey you complete and get paid immediately after the study closes, or accumulate your earnings and redeem them when you have a bigger balance – it’s your choice. Reward options include PayPal, check, gift cards, and more. join

Consumer Opinion Institute – This panel doesn’t have any minimums per se. You will simply earn cash via check, or via dollar bills sent in the mail. Denominations are small – $1-$5 typically, however users rarely seem to experience issue requesting payment. Open to USA residents only. join

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